I worked in a substance with the version, but when I open its  tbw file appears these messages

ending the migration with long message text.

During the migration proccess I could see  how the system "was opening" my predictions, but at the end the opened file hasn't anything, it's totally empty

Any idea?

Toolbox work files (“.tbw”) generated in the previous (3.3.5 or older) versions of the Toolbox are NOT COMPATIBLE with the recent version of the Toolbox 3.4. This is due to the UPDATED content of the Toolbox database and UPDATED version of some of the profilers. As you already seen once opening the “.tbw” file the system informs you that the version of the database is updated (from 3.8.3 to 3.8.8). Also a message alerts you that four profilers (DNA and Protein binding) are not present in the system any more. Actually these profilers are updated to the new versions. If you go to Profiling section you will see that the questionable profilers are updated to version 1.4 (for both DNA and protein alerts for skin sensitization) and to 1.2 (for Protein for chromosomal aberration). So you could try to open the file, but always may have some problems.