In order to see data for the analogues in the Appendix 2, you should go to Options, click on Gap Filling tab, then Prediction sub-section. Within this section, please make sure the answer to the last question asking for “Collecting data for analogues” is “Ask to collect data” (select the radio button). Steps are illustrated on the Figure 1. Finally click OK button.

Figure 1


Once this is done, when you are in data gap filling and click on the “Accept prediction” button, the following message appears (Figure 2), please click Yes.

Figure 2


Now you could specify the data, which you want to report for the analogues (e.g LC50 96h for all fish). Select the desired node (Figure 3).

Figure 3


Once ready, you should generate the report. The average data across all fish species is presented in a table in the appendix 2 (Figure 4):


Figure 4