In order to export data from the ECHA REACH database, you should first install a plugin that "unlock" the database.
To do this, go to the general options of Toolbox and connect to the Repository (see Figure 1 below). 
The repository is a new public platform allowing the users to upload custom developed modules (like profilers, (Q)SAR models, etc). Once the modules are uploaded and approved by the documentation and technical check, they become visible to the public, and the registered users will be able to download them.

Figure 1

Go to the Options tab (Figure 2) and enter your login details (the same that you are using for downloading Toolbox)

Figure 2

After that, go to the Available modules, select ECHA REACH Unlock Plugin, click Download now and install after restart button, read and accept the Terms and conditions and click Continue (Figure 3)

Figure 3

Finally restart QSAR Toolbox.


  •  Please keep in mind that the unlocking feature described above holds only for the ECHA REACH database and it is not applicable to the REACH Bioaccumulation database (normalised) and REACH Skin sensitization database (normalised) databases available in Toolbox.
  • In case of problems with the steps described above (or you cannot see the plugin), please follow the steps in the attached file for manual installation.