Q: I have data for an endpoint which is not across the available in Toolbox. How to import a custom database with this endpoint in a vertical mode?

A: Please follow the steps below in order to import your database in a vertical mode (BOD is used for the example).

1. Go to the Data module, click on the Import button, open the file and click on "Next".

2.Select the Vertical layout for importing

3.Click on "No endpoint selected" (1), select a general level of the endpoint tree (2) where will be located your endpoint and click on Next (3) (Figure 1)
Figure 1.

4. Click on the little sign in front of the endpoint field (1), click on Select (2),  select to define Custom endpoint (3), type the endpoint and click on the Add button (4). Finally confirm by clicking OK (5) (Figure 2).
Figure 2

You can add or not metadata for your endpoint (e.g. duration, test organism species, etc.), but you should select a scale and unit for your endpoint from the drop down menu (Figure 3).
Figure 3

After these steps are done, click on the Finish button and import your database.