Q: I enter a chemical and multiply it by using a metabolic simulator. Profile and gather experimental data for the target and generated metabolites. Then i tried to create a Data matrix report with the collected information on the data matrix, however the cells for experimental data for the metabolites are empty. Why i do not see the experimental data for the metabolites in the Data matrix report?

A: The wizard for the Data matrix report does not migrate the data already collected in the data matrix. When it starts, the reporting collects once again data for the chemicals already in the data matrix but now applying the requirement for having the pair “CAS and SMILES” (the data in the databases is stored for the pair "CAS-SMILES"). The metabolites always come up with "No CAS" and as a result for some of the chemicals with "No CAS" data is not reported. 

New functionality for collecting all available experimental data for the chemicals based on their SMILES only will be implemented in Toolbox v.4.3.