The proteins binding profilers in Toolbox exist as separate profilers and they have so called hierarchical structure. The levels of the hierarchical structure cover the mechanistic domain, mechanistic alert and structural alert as it is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Structure of hierarchical profilers

Within Toolbox it is possible to extract the list with structural alerts. Unfortunately, there is no a list including all categories from four Protein binding profilers.


The sequence of steps illustrating how you could extract the list of categories for a given profiler combined with rules codded for each of the categories are described below (Figure 2):

  • Click over the desired profiling scheme (1)
  • Click on “View” button (2)
  • The knowledge coded in the categories appears in a new window (3)
  • Click on “Advanced” button, then a window with rules coded appears (4)
  • Wining newly appeared window click on the “Export scheme” button (5)
  • List with categories appears. It could be saved in different formats (6)

Figure 2 Illustration how to extract knowledge for a given Toolbox profiler