The general mechanistic protein binding profiler describes the structural features which are able to bind to proteins in general but are not supposed to bring toxic effect at all. Whereas the endpoint specific protein binding alerts for skin sensitization describes the structural features which could bring skin sensitization. In this respect the general mechanistic profiler is less conservative and could identify structures which although having protein binding alert are not expected to be skin sensitizers. In the picture below are illustrated two chemicals. Chemical #1 (CAS# 80-43-3) is profiled as “Organic peroxy compounds” by the general mechanistic “Protein binding by OASIS” profiler but No alert is found by the endpoint specific “Protein binding alerts for Skin sensitization by OASIS” profiler which means that this alert is not associated with skin sensitization effect. This is consistent with the experimental data available for skin sensitization for target #1 – it is not skin sensitizer. The second structure (CAS# 5809-08-5) is profiled as having “Hydroperoxides” alert which is associated with skin sensitization (endpoint specific profiler).